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Why Isn’t Your Belly Fat Reducing Even After A Strict Diet And Exercise Regimen?

Belly fat comes with health risks, especially the visceral fat which tends to be round your organs thus puffing the stomach. This kind of fat can expose you to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancers and insulin resistance. An exercise regimen and strict dieting are definitely the highlights of any weight loss program. But there are people who find that even with all the dietary and exercise efforts the belly fat remains stubborn and won’t reduce. There are several reasons as to why belly seems to be stubborn in slimming down and they include the following.

Workouts are not as challenging as they should be

It is one thing to have an exercise regimen and quite another if you choose one that is too easy for you and not challenging enough for your belly. The regimen should be made up of high intensity workouts if at all you are to lose belly fat. The higher the intensity the more calories you will burn, hence you should see changes with your belly.

Age is not favoring you

The fact is that as you grow older, there are changes to how you gain and lose weight. Declined metabolic rates that come with age could be working against you hence the reason why you can’t see much change even with your strict diet and exercises. If you are a woman, it means that menopause is settings in hence slowed down production of progesterone and estrogen. When this shift takes effect, then your body tends to hold onto belly weight.

You are not at the top of your health

When you are sick, it can be quite hard to lose the fat. For instance, if you have polycystic ovary syndrome, testosterone levels elevate making it harder for you to lose weight. Being diabetic could also lead to similar challenges. Find out the state of your health so you can evaluate whether it is what is working against your efforts.

Stress is part of your life

There are so many sources of stress and too much of it will definitely hinder you from slimming down your belly. Cortisol, the stress hormone increases the amount of fats the body holds onto and also makes fat cells larger. High levels of this hormone, therefore easily lead to visceral fats and as long as you remain stressed it will be pretty hard for you to see any changes even when following the diet and exercises.

You are not getting enough sleep

Sleeping less than six hours every single night leaves you at risk of gaining weight compared to if you slept for at least six hours. It may not seem logical, but you really do need to get enough rest and sleep for any of your weight loss efforts to pay off.

These are some of the things that could be making your belly fat stubborn. Approach your weight loss goals from a different angle and you might just see positive changes.

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