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How Do Good Postures Help You?

Not very many people pay attention to their posture only to become aware of the effects when it is a little too late. To look your best and to feel as good as you should, there is a great need to pay attention to your posture at all times. Whether you are standing, sitting or walking, it is very important that you maintain good postures. You will of course require muscle flexibility, normal joint motion, postural muscles that are strong and balance on spine sides to achieve good posture. When you are aware of what proper posture is you will manage to make conscious correction to change state of affairs. But how does good posture actually help you?

It aids proper breathing

Good posture ensure that you are breathing as appropriate. You will manage to inhale a considerable amount of air when sitting or standing straight compared to if you were slouching. Proper breathing is very important in ensuring that every bodily function is smooth because enough oxygen is delivered.

It increases mental alertness

Because you are breathing properly when in the right posture your thinking ability will be elevated. This is because the brain gets its 20% oxygen requirement to function properly. The more air you get, the more the brain food there is hence the more the ideas and thoughts you can generate. Concentration and thinking are taken a notch higher with right postures.

Decreases joint surface wearing

When you tend to put more weight on one side of your body, you increase the chances of abnormal wearing the joint surfaces on that side. When you achieve correct posture on the other hand, you will strike a balance ensuring your weight is equally distributed, hence reducing this kind of wearing of the joints.

Prevents fatigue

When there is poor posture, your muscles end up being used inefficiently and this in the end leads to lots of fatigue even when you have not done much. When you strike the correct postures, you will allow your boost to use up less energy, hence the fatigue is greatly reduced or prevented. You can achieve so much with an upright posture as compared to a slouched one.

It improves image

If you want to look attractive and smart, then it is time you start paying attention to your postures. Good posture has a way of exuding an aura of appeal and assertiveness hence making you look very attractive. Bad posture on the other hand will only leave you looking unkempt and you may also seem like you lack confidence.

It keeps health complications at bay

They include back pain, chest pressure, slipped discs and even poor blood circulation all of which come as a result of poor postures. Correct postures promote good health in every sense and will save you from the common issues of pain.

These are some of the benefits of maintaining good posture at all times. Start paying attention to your posture and change your image and health for the better.


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