Cancer-Causing Foods To Avoid Right Away

The cancer is probably the most rampant health issue in today’s world. So many people are suffering and some have experienced suffering in one way or another as a result of this disease. Even though there is no single aspect that has been confirmed to cause cancer, it is believed that there are foods that have direct links to it. It is therefore best to start avoiding the foods instead of risking getting cancer by eating them. But what foods are they?

Carbonated beverages and soda

They have been pointed as major cancer causing foods because they are filled with dyes, corn syrup that is high in fructose and lots of chemicals. The worst thing about these carbonated beverages is that they offer no nutritional value and instead rob you of your good health in so many ways. Even beverages labeled ‘diet’ are no better because they basically contain aspartame, which is poisonous to human cells.

Canned foods

They may save you from making your way to the fresh produce market, but they are cancer causing and should be avoided. To preserve the foods most of the cans have Bisphenol A (BPA) lining them and it alters brain cells genetically when given to test rats. Most plastic goods, water lines, thermal paper and even dental composites contain this product and should be avoided. It is best that you get fresh or frozen veggies instead of choosing the canned ones.

Processed meats

They are a favorite in thousands of households in the form of lunch meats, sausage, bacon and hot dogs. However, they could lead to cancer since they are processed and preserved using sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, which gives them the flavor and color as well as extended shelf life. Research is still ongoing to determine the risks, but since they remain to be a major concern, it is best to avoid them as much as you can.

Smoked, pickled and salted foods

Their preservatives to add to their shelf-life are what make them culprits as far as cancer goes. The fact is that these additives can accumulate over time leading to toxins causing damages to the cells, which in turn leads to diseases including cancer. Smoked foods that contain nitrates become very dangerous when cooked at high temperatures because they convert into nitrites.


Genetically modified organisms should also be avoided as they have shown to cause tumor growths. They are also grown with lots of chemicals, making them even more dangerous. Whether its canola, soybeans or corn, as long as they are GMOs they should be avoided. It is best to get certified organic foods or locally grown foods naturally produced.

Microwave popcorn

Another favorite in many households, but one that needs to be avoided by all means possible. The chemicals that line the bag are in PFOA compounds and they cause pancreatic, testicular and liver cancers. Microwaving aids transfer of the chemicals into your popcorn through vaporization. Pop your kernels the traditional way and keep cancer at bay.

Steer clear of cancer causing foods, practice healthy eating habits and you will reduce the risks of getting the big C by far.

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