Best Joint Supplements In 2018: Top 5 Rated Products For Joint Pain Relief

Finding the best joint supplements can be tough. There are too many products today being advertised for joint pain. You have to be wise in choosing the ones that would really help you ease the pain.

From a simple stiff neck to an aching back, your joint pain may lead to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you don’t find solutions to get rid of the pain, you will find yourself suffering in the long term, especially with aging. Enjoying life at its best would be impossible.

To make it easier for you, we did our research and compiled a list of the best joint supplements you can find on the market today. Although we are not professional doctors and medical experts, we want to help you get the best out of life as you age.

By the end of this post, we hope you’ll be able to determine the best joint supplements that can ease all those pains, swelling, and inflammation.

What Are Joint Supplements For?

Joint pain is due to a lot of different factors. It could be because of an inflammation in the pads surrounding your joints or tendon. It could also be because of lupus, gout, and certain diseases like mumps and hepatitis.

Regardless of the cause, joint pain can make your life uneasy especially if you are into sports or bodybuilding. Hence, you need an effective remedy to treat and prevent it or any of its causes. You need a joint support supplement that can eliminate all those aches and pains.

Generally, joint supplements work best when combined with proper diet and regular exercise. Instead of resorting to expensive and risky joint replacement procedures, taking supplements for joint pain along with these two practices is safer and probably more effective.

What To Consider In Buying The Best Joint Supplements?

In choosing the best joint supplements to buy, you need to consider several decision-making guidelines. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Look at the product’s label and warnings. This helps you determine whether its ingredients are safe and right for you.
  2. Conduct research regarding its manufacturer. Reputable companies take pride in creating only safe and effective products.
  3. Search for customer reviews. This helps you figure out if the product has worked for many. It also helps you determine if it has side effects.
  4. Consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis. Knowing the exact thing that is causing your joint pain should be the priority. Talk to a physician and ask for his or her recommendation.

With a wide array of joint pain relief supplements on the market today, it can prove challenging to pick one that best suits your needs. Check out our list of top 5 joint supplements below, with a closer look at their ingredients, benefits and side effects.

1. Omega XL

Omega XL is a joint health supplement that consists of omega-3 and other healthy fatty acids. It is being advertised by the iconic American TV and radio host, Larry King.

This product has a high concentration of omega-3 extracted from the Perna Canaliculus or green-lipped mussel from New Zealand. The lipid extract from this mussel is known to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

As part of its omega-3 complex, the supplement contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EHA (eicosapentaenoic acid) too. These fatty acids reduce the inflammation in your joints that causes the swelling and pain. Studies show that they can also boost brain function.

Omega XL best joint supplements


  • consists of pure omega-3 fatty acids
  • user-friendly as it is in gel-capsule form
  • company has provided a great deal of information about the product
  • no official reports regarding its side effects
  • manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • has an affordable and fair price
  • advertised by popular figures like Larry King, Ana Maria Polo, and Blair Underwood


  • only available through the manufacturer’s website
  • complete list of ingredients (including inactive ones) is not stated on the label
  • clinical studies are not published on the product’s official website

We believe that Omega XL is a wise option when choosing the best joint supplements. There are no official reports yet about its side effects, and it seems to be a convenient joint pain relief for most people.

Although the complete list of its ingredients is not available on the official website or the label, you can always reach the company’s customer care hotline. You can further conduct your research by asking their customer service all your questions.

Additionally, their website is comprehensive and detailed enough. There are also many other review and medical websites that feature the product. They can help you in determining the product’s safety and effectiveness.

2. Joint Advance

Joint Advance is a supplement that naturally supports your joints. Its ingredients are safe and effective, and they also maintain healthy mobility.

This supplement is a product of Pacific Naturals. They are a company dedicated to providing health support to their patients by using only natural ingredients.

Some of the ingredients used in Joint Advance are glucosamine complex, vitamin C, and white willow bark.

Glucosamine complex is a combination of three compounds known to alleviate joint pain. They are methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin, and glucosamine.

MSM and chondroitin support your muscles and tendons, keeping them flexible and strong. Glucosamine is the top ingredient in creating joint supplements. It can eliminate joint-related pain or swelling.

Vitamin C and white willow bark are natural home remedies for tendonitis, joint pain, inflammation, and bursitis. They also produce more collagen, a protein essential to maintaining healthy cartilages.

Joint Advance best joint supplements


  • consists of all natural ingredients known to provide joint pain relief
  • has clinical studies to support its claims
  • includes a diet guide that is essential not just for healthy joints but overall well-being as well
  • company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime membership access to their diet and fitness plans
  • has numerous positive reviews online


  • has a high amount of glucosamine that increases blood sugar levels
  • might be unfit to persons who have diabetes (or a family history of such)
  • side effects may include stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, and heartburn

Joint Advance is worthy to be considered among today’s best joint supplements. Aside from its impressive list of ingredients, it also has many positive reviews that can attest to its safety and effectiveness.

The diet guide that comes along with it once you purchase is also catchy. It appears that the manufacturer is not just concerned about their customers’ joint health, but also their general lifestyle and well-being.

In this regard, we highly suggest the use of this product. The decision is still yours, but we do recommend that you try it to experience its maximum benefits.

3. Flexitrinol

Flexitrinol claims to be the number one joint pain relief supplement. It brands itself as a unique formula that consists of the most potent ingredients when it comes to joint pain relief.

Like other popular supplements, it has glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. Additionally, it has omega-3-6-9 complex and vitamin C.

What makes it different from the first two products is its flaxseed oil. This oil has high alpha-linoleic acid properties that lubricate your joints. It reduces joint stiffness and relieves joint pain and inflammation.

The product also contains boron, a mineral that has long been proven by science to combat arthritis. Studies show that boron is essential for bone and joint health.

Flexitrinol does not just promise to alleviate joint pain. It also supports cartilage regeneration. Since the body is not capable of readily repairing broken cartilages, you need a supplement that supports proper blood flow through those tissues.

Flexitrinol best joint supplements


  • promotes joint flexibility and strength
  • prevents cartilage and tissue damage
  • alleviates joint pain (particularly those related to osteoarthritis and arthritis)
  • reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • company offers 100% money-back guarantee
  • has clinical trials and studies to support its claims
  • made up of all natural ingredients


  • exclusively available on the manufacturer’s website
  • has limited customer reviews online
  • side effects may include headache, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness

It is evident that Flexitrinol uses the most potent natural ingredients when it comes to supporting joint health. Thus, we consider it one of the best joint supplements out there.

Even if it only has a few customer reviews (because it is not available on online retail sites), there are many review sites and medical experts/bloggers supporting it.

Moreover, the fact that it’s exclusively available online through its official website suggests that the manufacturer is protecting its consumers’ safety.

It is also impressive that the company published their clinical studies. This strengthens their claims regarding the product’s effectiveness.

Given that, we believe that Flexitrinol could be one of the best joint supplements for you. Not only does it contain popular ingredients for joint pain relief, but it also has flaxseed oil, making it an even more potent formula.

4. Curcumin 2000

Curcumin 2000 is mainly a supplement that treats and prevents inflammation. It gives your body the proper support for inflammatory response.

Furthermore, the product boosts your immune system and brain function. As it also promotes healthy muscles, it enhances your muscle recovery time when you’re doing strenuous training or workouts.

The ingredient that makes this product more effective than others is piperine. Piperine is an extract from black pepper seeds that triggers a higher metabolic rate. It allows your body to quickly absorb all the nutrients that Curcumin 2000 has.

Its other active ingredient is ginger (turmeric). Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which make it an essential ingredient supporting joint health . It is widely used in medications that treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Curcumin 2000 best joint supplements


  • consists of only natural ingredients that control inflammatory response
  • available over-the-counter in drug stores, pharmacies, and online retail stores
  • also promotes general health and well-being
  • good for athletes and bodybuilders for its muscle-enhancing ability
  • company offers best value plans and refund (90-day money-back guarantee)
  • has no reported side effects


  • no links to the company’s full clinical studies
  • has only a few ingredients

Although the company did not provide links to the full report of their clinical studies, they have actually explained comprehensively on their website how the product works. Likewise, they emphasized how Curcumin 2000 is different from other joint supplements.

It is also true that it only has a few ingredients. However, if we are to look into the benefits of ginger and piperine, they are both actually powerful and beneficial for joint health. Even without the help of other supporting ingredients, they are effective on their own.

Therefore, we believe that Curcumin 2000 is still one of the best joint supplements on the market. The fact that it’s widely available makes it convenient for users to find and purchase it.

5. Curcumin 180 Turmeric

Curcumin 180 Turmeric is not just for joint pain relief. It is also for weight loss and proper balance of blood sugar levels. In addition, it supports cognitive function, cardiovascular health, digestive health, and immunity.

The product is branded as an all-in-one capsule. Each pill contains 400mg of Curcumin Blend that relieves inflammation and pain. Inflammation contributes to acquiring different kinds of diseases like diabetes, heart strokes, and other serious health issues.

Aside from curcumin, the supplement also has bioperine and boswellia extract. Bioperine increases the bioavailability of the other nutrients, making the product more effective. On the other hand, boswellia extract has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging benefits.

The supplement also has iron and magnesium that are essential for bone development and muscle tissue protection.

Curcumin 180 Turmeric best joint supplements


  • offers other benefits aside from joint pain relief
  • a plant-based formula which makes it good as well for vegans and vegetarians
  • less expensive than other joint health supplements
  • company offers 100% money-back guarantee (180 days from date of purchase)
  • manufacturer offers perpetual promotional discounts
  • company has cited the clinical studies that can back up their ingredients’ benefits


  • has the potential to interact with other medications (especially blood thinners)
  • does not produce immediate improvements (results may show within 2-3 weeks after consumption)
  • not available on online retail sites, pharmacies and drug stores

Even if the product is not available online aside from its official website, the company has an official retailer which is BuyGoods. You can purchase the product directly from them to ensure that you’re purchasing an authentic product.

The manufacturer seems to be very careful in selling the supplement. This is no surprise given the proliferation of fake products on the market. Some companies are very particular with consumer safety that they don’t allow resellers of their products.

All these factors make us believe that Curcumin 180 Turmeric is among today’s best joint supplements. It’s impressive that it has a list of powerful ingredients and a number of positive user reviews.

Its advantages are remarkable and its disadvantages are preventable as long as you strictly adhere to the product’s specifications.


Many people think that joint pain relief products are unnecessary because joint pain is a part of aging, and aging is irreversible. Yes, humans age and start to lose the things they once enjoyed when they were young. Yet, there are ways to combat the inconveniences and disorders that come with aging.

Joint supplements make you feel more productive and functional again. They do contribute to regaining that sense of purpose you need to continue living a healthy life.

Nonetheless, remember that supplements wouldn’t work if you don’t combine them with healthy diet and regular exercise. Likewise, treating joint pain wouldn’t be possible if you don’t take advantage of the benefits that joint supplements offer.

To get the most out of these best joint supplements, you need to take note of the necessary precautions. Conduct your own research and look for substantial reviews about them. Most importantly, consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before purchasing the joint supplement of your choice.