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7 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Beneficial For You

The health effects of extra virgin olive oil have made it quite popular as far as healthy options go. There is still so much debate as to which oils are healthier than which but majority of health enthusiasts seems to agree that olive oil is among the best you can get. It is pressed from fruits of olive tree which are olives using natural methods, hence the reason why it is considered extra virgin. It is important to remember that version not so pure are usually extracted using chemicals. Extra virgin means it is natural 100% and has lots of antioxidants. It also contains nutrients like Vitamins K and E, Omega 3 and 6 and healthy fats too. But why is this oil really beneficial for you?

It helps improve brain function

When used intensively, it has shown to improve cognition, especially in older adults. This oil is also beneficial in improving conditions of individuals who have disorders that are brain-related. It will boost brain power for you.

It protects against cardiovascular diseases

Stroke and heart attack are common and can cause death. By reducing inflammation, protecting LDL particles and lowering blood pressure, olive oil manages to protect from heart disease. By consuming this oil you will be lowering risks of strokes and heart attacks significantly.

It has anti-inflammatory value

The oleocanthal and oleic acid in olive oil are nutrients that help in fighting inflammation. They make the oil good for fighting cancer, heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This oil is also beneficial for arthritis and Alzheimer’s as a result.

It aids weight loss

Extra virgin olive oil is high in calories and is dense, which could be why people avoid it. However, the fact that it keeps satiety feeling for longer helps greatly in reducing hunger pangs. This oil also minimized sugar cravings, making it a very good weight loss oil.

It helps improve bone health

This is because the oil aids proper calcium absorption in the body and also improves the calcification process and bone mineralization. If reduced bone mass is leaving you susceptible to bone fractures, then this is a very good oil to make improvements.

Helps relieve constipation

This oil acts as digestive system lubricant thus making stool passing very smooth and easy relieving constipation. It also helps in strengthening this system and protecting against problems affecting the gastro-intestines like peptic ulcers and gastritis.

It is a great oxidative stress reliever

Olive oil has highest monounsaturated fat amounts making it very good in reducing stress that results from oxidation. It is actually the best among all oils that are plant extracted when it comes to this.

Evidently, extra virgin olive oil has a huge list of benefits for you, make it worth embracing in the daily diet. To reap the benefits, however, you need to ensure that you choose 100% natural olive oil; keep off olive oil with chemical additions that reduce its value for health.

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