7 Myths About Exercises

Exercise is essential to general well-being. To stay fit and healthy, you need to embrace an exercise regime that pushes your body, keeps you active and keeps every bit of you functioning right.

However, there are so many misconceptions when it comes to different kinds of exercise. And if you do not know any better, you could end up being frustrated trying to achieve your objectives with these exercises.

Below are seven of the most common myths to do with exercise that you should be aware of so that you can create a program that will work in achieving your ultimate goals.

Myth 1 – Strength training is all about heavy weights and machines.

It is using resistance for muscle enhancement, but this does not necessarily mean lifting heavy weights and machines. Your body weight is enough for strength training and you also have the option of using resistance bands and medicine balls to achieve the desired results. There are so many bodyweight moves you can use for strength training.

Myth 2 – It is a must to work out everyday.

It is actually not a good idea to work out every day because your muscles do need the time to recover after all the muscle fiber breakdown. A few days every week is enough to keep you fit and healthy; you should have active recovery days to get the most value from your exercises.

Myth 3 – Exercise helps lose weight fast.

It actually may help with weight loss, but not as directly as many people think. Weight loss is usually all about calories in and calories out which means you need to find a balance between exercises, diet and staying active. Without a proper problem, you stand to be disappointed with your exercise efforts.

Myth 4 – Absence of soreness means no valuable workout done.

The intensity of your workout can lead to soreness, but just because your muscles are sore doesn’t mean that you had a valuable workout. Soreness only goes to indicate stress on tissues, and thus absence of such could mean you were careful with your workouts, but you could have still attained great value from the same.

Myth 5 – Sweating is an indication of a good exercise session.

When core temperatures increase, you are bound to sweat. While exercises do create heat and increase internal temperatures, so can humidity. A good exercise session can make you sweat, but it is not always an indication of achieving loads from it.

Myth 6 – You can bulk up using strength training.

Strength training actually does help you lean out together with good nutrition. Bulking up, on the other hand, is more reliant on the testosterone hormone. This is why men remain prone to bulking up compared to women with normal strength training.

Myth 7 – Crunches make great exercises for abs.

They are actually not the best for midsection strengthening. This is because the muscles on the abs work best when in upright position and most of the exercises will not favor them.

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