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5 Weight Loss Myths Busted!

Losing weight can be quite a challenge yet a lot of people are always looking for ways they can shed off those extra pounds. To cater to the desperation there have sprung up all kinds of tips to lose weight. Yet some of these are just myths, which means those who take them as gospel truth could end up being disappointed.

When in search of a weight loss plan that will work, it helps to get information from reliable sources. Knowing the common weight loss myths also can go a long way in keeping disappointments at bay and upholding only what is bound to reap better results. Below are a few myths about weight loss that you should be aware of:

Myth 1 – No pain, no gain.

It is probably one of the longest serving myths about weight loss, but the truth is that your weight loss journey need not be painful for it to yield results in the end. If you are including weight training, just make it challenging enough for your muscles but not necessarily torturous. Intense exercises should be done in moderation if you want to keep the motivation and energy to keep going.

Myth 2 – Keep off fruits as they are sugary.

They may contain natural sugars, but they are quite high in fiber and other nutrients. Actually, instead of keeping off fruits, you should make them part of your everyday weight loss diet together with plenty of vegetables and fruits. The sugar content in fruits should not be a problem at all for your body. You should be keeping off starches and refined sugars instead.

Myth 3 – Starving is good for weight loss.

If there is one mistake you can make when trying to lose weight, it is to starve yourself. Starving may actually take away some pounds, but it will leave you with lots of health issues to deal with which is really not worth it. It will also be harder to maintain the weight lost in this way. Weight loss is a total lifestyle change. When you go the starving route, then you do not learn the basics that help you in maintaining good weight and making the right food choices.

Myth 4 – You must hit the gym early morning.

Early mornings are considered ideal for working out because people are generally more energized at this time. However, peak time may vary from one person to another and could be a few hours after waking up. If you are not an early bird or if early morning exercises are not practical for you, you can choose any other time of the day as long as you maintain a regular schedule with the workouts.

Myth 5 – Walking is enough exercise to lose weight.

Walking does help you be strong and healthy, but it will not work alone in helping you lose the extra pounds. A weight loss regime that is bound to work incorporates good healthy diet, proper regular exercises and lifestyle changes.

Forget the myths and embrace what really works and you will begin to see positive changes with your weight.

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