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5 Tips For Men To Become A Better Partner In Bed

It’s probably every man’s dream to be the best partner to his woman, especially in bed. Let’s admit it, sex is essential to keeping any romantic relationship healthy and long-lasting.

The question really, however, is how do you become a better partner in bed? How do you sexually arouse and satisfy your woman, making her want for more?

Here are five simple yet effective tips to do this:

1. Don’t rush!

Rough sex is sometimes good. It somehow makes things exciting, especially for men. You’ll never know what will happen next because you’re enjoying the roughness and hardness of it all.

However, for couples who are in serious relationships, it doesn’t really work all the time. Taking things slow still is the key to creating that intimate special connection. The whole night is yours, so there’s no need to rush.

2. Use the power of foreplay.

Never underestimate the power of having longer foreplay. However, this is on a case-to-case basis. Some people like to keep the foreplay going, but that doesn’t work well for others.

Some studies show that most women like longer foreplay. It heightens their excitement and desire to want and feel more pleasure. Likewise, they need it because it takes time before they can actually reach orgasm.

The key here is to know how your woman likes it done. Whether it’s long or short, intense or slow, you need to be aware of what will make her feel more aroused.

3. Spice things up a bit.

Take your sexual activities to new heights. Don’t settle for something just because you got used to it. Adding or changing something in the way you play and have fun may significantly increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

Use sex toys, any material or equipment to up your sex game. This depends on your partner’s preferences, but a little more excitement is always welcome in the bedroom.

Feeling exhausted after a day at work that you don’t have enough energy for sexy time at night? Use the power of libido boosters if you must. Of course, taking supplements is greatly beneficial but only if you’re already keeping a healthy lifestyle.

4. Eat, sleep, and exercise.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Take care of your body. Eat the right kinds of food, have a good quality sleep, and do some exercise.

This isn’t just beneficial for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. By ensuring that you have a strong, healthy body, you can maintain stronger erections and last much longer in bed.

How are you supposed to provide her pleasure (which she would be excited about) if you’re exhausted and uninterested? You need to have more energy!

5. Put your heart into it!

It might sound a little mushy, but there are actually studies indicating that being more emotional and responsive during sex help both partners to reach orgasm.

Psychological studies suggest that engaging into sex, particularly for women, releases hormones that contribute to positive feelings. Women tend to feel thirstier for sex whenever they see how much their partner love them.

The truth is, you shouldn’t really be focused on the sex part only. You should also be focused on your partner and her sexual needs. Sex is about both of you reaching the peak.

If you already know what gives her the pleasure, then taking your sex life to a higher level wouldn’t be a problem. To be a better partner, whether in bed or not, is to understand what your lady desires in various aspects of life.

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