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12 Foods That You Need To Avoid Right Now If You Want To Lose Weight

When looking to lose weight, most people think it is just about reducing the amount of food they eat. However, even if you reduce the amount, but still make the wrong food choices, you will face challenges with your weight loss goals. Fast foods may seem very convenient, especially if you are running on a very tight schedule, but they can hold you back from achieving the results you wish for with your weight.

Here are some of the fast foods you ought to avoid if you want to lose weight at all.

Potato chips

They also include French fries, which most people have made their day-to-day lunches and quick-fix dinners. Potatoes maybe filling and healthy, but potato chips and French fries are quite high in calories and will contribute to weight gain. If you must, then choose boiled plain potatoes.

Candy bars

They can be very enticing, but they are filled with calories and very low in terms of nutrients. The larger the bar the higher the calorie content and the more you eat, the more weight you will gain. Instead of choosing the tempting chocolate bar, eat nuts or a fruit.


They may be delicious, but they usually have very large amounts of sugar and refined flour as well as trans-fats. They are not very filling yet they are very high in calories, hence eating too much is likely leading to weight issues.

Cakes and cookies

The high levels of added sugar and refined flour used to bake them is what makes them unhealthy especially if you want to lose weight. Some may even have artificial trans-fats that are harmful and lead to diseases.

Sugary drinks

These usually accompany your fast food lunch, but they’re very unhealthy and will lead to weight gain. They negatively affect your health and weight and should be avoided.

White bread

It is highly refined and has lots of sugar, hence will end up spiking blood sugar levels easily making you overeat. Opt for other bread types instead to favor your weight loss efforts.


It is probably the most popular kind of fast food, but this doesn’t make it healthy at all. It contains ingredients that are highly processed and refined, hence not a very good choice for people looking to lose weight.

Ice cream

The high sugar levels make ice cream unfriendly to weight loss. It is best you go for a fruit or yogurt instead.


Most have too much fat and processed ingredients, making them pretty unhealthy. Avoid them or make healthy veggie ones at home.


They are just like pastries and cakes with refined flour and high sugar levels which will only make you add weight instead of losing.


Those with less fruit contain only sugars and since they have no fibers, drinking too much can easily lead to weight gain.


Refined flour, sugars and unhealthy fats are what they give you, increasing the chances of adding weight. Steer clear of these fast foods to start losing weight now.

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